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Where's the Village? This is a Shame! continued...

The senseless murder of so many people in our village and through out our village at-large is such a shame and we all should share the blame! There is no reason for any of these murders continuing to be unsolved. Someone, somewhere has heard something about each of these homicides. 

As a village we've been addressing this issue in the wrong manner. I would like for every villager to think of these homicides as one of their own relatives. If someone killed your brother, sister, mother or father, you would want them to speak out wouldn't you? So why are we not speaking out for the family members of these murdered villagers? Why?

We are so quick to blame someone, somebody, some entity for the problems that affect our village, but when things like this occur we have no one else to blame but ourselves for allowing it to continue. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not placing blame with anyone and not counting me in that number. I blame myself for not being more vocal on gun control laws, well not anymore! My grandson is laying in a hospital bed because we've allowed D.C. lobbyist, second amendment fanatics (scratch that lunatics), and the NRA dictate to us how we should or shouldn't protect our families. 

If you're as tired as I think you are of all of the senseless killing in and around our village, speak up now. Call, write or email your elected officials and let them know, enough is enough. Tougher gun control laws are need, not now, but right NOW. 

Ask you elected officials where they stand!

A good place to start with regard to gun control is through a rigorous background check of anyone purchasing a handgun or weapon of any kind. In addition to this extensive background check, training on how to properly handle these weapons needs to be a prerequisite. And lastly, there is no reason why lethal ammunition has to be a part of the discussion. Non lethal ammunition fired from the same weapons can protect you from harm just as easily as lethal forms of ammunition do, except no one dies. In my opinion lethal ammunition should be reserved for law enforcement and the military. 

The only way to keep such lethal weapons and ammunition out of the hands of criminals is to make it harder for them to purchase the ammunition in the first place. Today, you can purchase a box of ammo easier and quicker than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Its just that simple for me. A convicted felon can walk in any gun store and purchase ammunition of any kind without any questions being asked. I guarantee if two forms of ID were required that wouldn't be an option. I guarantee if you had to obtain a license prior to purchasing a gun or ammunition, the problems we have with gun violence would eventually go away. It's just that plain and simple. 

So, get to a phone, type an email or write a letter. Our elected officials need to get off their ass and adopt legislation that would ban these lethal forms of weapons and ammunition. Period. I won't settle for anything less, what about you?

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