Our Village

 "I am because we are" -  ubuntu

Where's the Village? This is a Shame!

The tragic event of April 18, 2014 that killed my ex son-in-law Ka'Vyea Curry and left my grandson Ka'Vyea Tyson-Curry fighting for his life is something that no family should ever have to endure. 

Just a few days after this tragedy changed our lives forever I was thrust in front of 300 or so people that came out for the all to familiar prayer vigil and I asked a single question; "Where's the Village?"

At that moment I had just come to the realization that this wasn't a nightmare that I would wake up from. This was real, this was my life. I had accepted this course of events and already turned over my grandson care to God. My question was answered just a few days later when the individual responsible for this heinous crime was captured. 

I ask this question again "Where's the Village" in light of the many homicides that have been committed in our village, many of them which have gone unsolved, our Village stepped up and brought one killer to justice, and he will see his day in court, but there are so many more families out there that can't say the same. Our Village has let these villagers down!