Our Village

 "I am because we are" -  ubuntu


The Our Village Coalition Difference

This grass-root organization is designed to go door-to-door, block-by-block in an effort to get to know our neighbor, a once valued principle we have abandoned in these modern times. It is our belief that returning back to the days of it taking a village to raise our children is crucial, but more importantly it is the means of regaining control of our village.

If and when this small thing does occur, and it is my prayer that it is much sooner than later, the problems with crime and violence and any any kind and the ailments we face as a village will simply cease to exist. The Our Village Coalition motto and creed is based solely in scripture:  "the love you save, may be your own". So we must turn from the mindset that the crime and violence is happening to someone else or someone else's problem. Because you see, every person lost to this senseless violence in our Village didn't have to die. If our community, our village would stand up right now, another one doesn't. So we must take ownership of this problem and stand together to end all of the crime and violence, once and for ALL, because it affects us ALL.   

Question is what are you doing to fight violence and crime? Question is what are you doing to ensure our children and loved ones are safe? If you're unable to answer these two simple questions Our Village Coalition is the right place for you. Through Our Village Coalition you'll have the opportunity to fight crime and violence every single day with like minded individuals in a unified effort. Individually people from all walks of life are making a difference, can you imagine what a collective group of individuals can accomplish. Ending crime and violence rests with, US. Taking care of our children this day, at this moment is our responsibility. No one is killing us, but us, so the remedy can only come from US!

It's Our Village we must FIGHT together to regain! It's Our Village that's at stake! It's Our Village!