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 "I am because we are" -  ubuntu

The "Man In The Mirror" Minority Recruitment Conference 2014 was an unprecedented event that resulted in the Chief of Police of 23 of the metropolitan areas police departments attending this one day conference to discuss minority recruitment. 

Pat Clarke, Community Outreach Specialist to KCPD Chief of Police Daryl Forte'  organized the event with the goal of identifying why there isn't more minority representation in law enforcement, and what better way to get answers is there than asking the Top Cop from each department. 

To a man and one woman, each Chief responded the same way. They actively and aggressively recruit minorities, but few apply and that is what has to change.  

In the wake of Michael Brown's murder and the unrest surrounding his death as well as the grand jury decision not to charge the officer responsible for his death in Ferguson, Missouri, these police departments should have been inundated with applications from minority recruits. A year later I'm sad to say that hasn't happen, and my question is,  Why?

We want the relationship between the community and law enforcement to change, don't we? What better way is there to change the dynamic other than signing up for the job, and making change happen from within? To anyone 21 years of age and older, male and female that haven't quite figured out a career path, here's yo We can sit back and hope things get better or we can engage, get involved and take the oath to "serve and protect".