Our Village

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S.O.S. Street Outreach Services

Adult-Youth Services Hotline (816) 547-8487

Youth 24 Hour Shelter Hotline (816) 309-9048

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The AdHoc group Against Crime serves as a liaison between the community and the criminal justice system. The organization has had a long standing partnership with The Kansas City Police Department working closely with their Missing Persons and Juvenile Units, along with the units that fall under the Violent Crimes Division, to assist in bringing justice to crimes and finding those missed by loved ones.

AdHoc hosts community forums where justice agencies have the opportunity to respond to community concerns, as well as partners with The Office of Community Complaints (OCC) to serve as a site for individuals to file complaints against police officers they feel have violated KCPD’s code of conduct.

AdHoc also works closely with The State Division of Youth Services, Family Court, Jackson County Prosecutors Office, Kansas City Crime Commission, COMBAT, individuals and community organizations

Stop the violence!

That’s the core message of KC NoVA (Kansas City’s No Violence Alliance), a new effort by key law enforcement and city leaders to reduce violence in Kansas City’s urban core.

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The Aim4Peace program began in 2008 and was originally based on the Ceasefire: Stop the Shooting project in Chicago. Though Aim4Peace currently focuses on the Police Department’s East Patrol Division, with continued success the plan will be implemented throughout the City. Aim4Peace is committed to making neighborhoods safer.

Anonymous Tips Help to stop Crime and Violence. 

Your tips are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting our village from the violence and crime filling our streets. There is no way that we can cease this madness if no one is willing to go the extra mile and be willing to give information that will get the evil among us off the streets. 

Crime stoppers is a means to an end. Through crime stoppers you can give valuable information that can lead to the arrest of criminals of every walk of life. Please click on the link to the left if you have any information you would anonymously like to share or call (816) 474-8477. Thanks in advance!

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