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Hundreds Volunteer

May 30, 2014 - Hundreds of volunteers turn out to build playground

For 200 or so volunteers to show up just a block away from the tragic event of April 18, 2014 that resulted in the death of my ex-son-in-law and nearly killed my grandson was a sight I would have never imagined in my wildest dream. It's these types of events that keeps me optimistic about our children's future.  

This is such a heart warming story an act that should be applauded, these volunteers didn't have to take the time to perform such a selfless act of kindness, but they did. 

This gesture of love is something that should be going on all over the Village. This level of support should be the norm and not the exception to the norm. This type of selflessness and working together is what its going to take if we seriously want to take our Village back and STOP all of the senseless violence and crime. 

It's a simple proposition Village: "I am my brother's keeper". 

Fox 4 Coverage of Event Click Here 

What hope looks like!