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L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Mentoring Program

Loving Everyone Around Develops Experience, Respect and Social Skills...

I was blessed to talk with a group of 5th and 6th graders at the Genesis Academy of Excellence who had prepared some get well cards and letters for my grandson Buddha. I started with telling them a little about myself and that I was just like them. In fact I had gone to the same school some 30 years or so ago. We had a really nice conversation and as I closed I left them with a challenge. 

"You can do more with your education than just finding a great job when you get out of school. Think about this, instead of becoming an employee, think of the things you could do if you were an employer". I told them.

The conversation I had with this group of kids sparked the desire to establish this Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program. The main goal of which is to expose our young people to many aspects of becoming an entrepreneur. Being self employed or an employer, versus being an employee is a great way to give back to their Village.  

Those interested in mentoring program just click on the appropriate link to the right and fill out the form. As soon as mentors and candidates become available we'll begin to pair the two together. Thanks in advance for your help and support of this program.  

Forest E. Tyson, Jr.