Our Village

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Daddy's On Duty

School Outreach

As a united group of Daddy's, reaching our kids before its too late is our ultimate goal. For this reason the school's outreach program of Daddy's-On-Duty "Department of Defense) plan to regularly visit schools within the metropolitan area to have that one-on-one conversation with our youth who may or may not have a daddy in their lives. 

This will be a two-way conversation, because we really want to know what our kids are feeling and thinking and this platform is one that we believe we can help curb the crime and violence in our village.  


Block-by-Block canvassing is simply getting out and meeting our neighbors. This we believe will help to curb violence. Getting to know one another is our agenda. We want to hear about your concerns and your ideas of how to make our village the village of old where we took care of one another. So get prepared Daddy's-On-Duty will be in your neighborhood soon! 

Daddy's On Duty seeks men, real men who feel that now is the time to STOP the violence within our village. If you really want to protect the ones you love join us today as we take a stance to rid our village of the crime and violence, and the pain and suffering it causes. We need your help, we need you!  

As daddy's united we can achieve peace within our village. It's time to show the world what REAL men really look like, what they act like, and what they can do if united. So, its up to US. What are you going to do?

If you see it, say something

If you see it, say something is the Daddy's-On-Duty policy to combat the criminal elements policy of "snitching". It’s time that we stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves, so Daddy's-On-Duty will be visiting every neighborhood regularly where a homicide has occurred to pass out fliers regarding a member of the village that has been senselessly murdered. 

If you see it, say something is simply doing the-right thing and can lead to information that will put murderers and violent offenders behind bars where they belong.

If you're not comfortable speaking with the police or prosecutors, we are here to bridge that gap and your identity will remain anonymous, with no questions asked. 

Call us @ (816) 388-0176 or you can email me @ tips@ourvillagecoalition.org