Our Village

 "I am because we are" -  ubuntu

Gun Violence (Continued)

We've allowed this violence and fear to fracture our village to its core, because as a village we've sat idly by while the criminal element among us has been on the move, gaining strength and advancing its terror without restraint, and not caring who they hurt.

This doesn't have to be the case if and when a village is awakened, enlightened and working together. The senseless violence doesn't have to continue if as a village we address the violence head on. We have to deal with the problems that have created this violence, and it all starts by taking a stand, not now, but RIGHT, NOW!

I Am my brother's keeper, and it will take a Village if we are ever going to see an end to these SELF INFLICTED GENOCIDE.  

I'm up for the challenge and I challenge each and everyone visiting this site to STEP UP its time to wake up, this senseless violence and killing must STOP!

It takes a Village (Continued)

So, this violence isn't a some other people's problem, the violence in our society effects every one of us. The solution to these problems is one of a personal nature, so we have to take it personally. On April 18, 2014 my grandson got caught in the middle of the senseless violence. My grandson could have been your son, grandson, father, brother, uncle, nephew or cousin. I've said all of this to say, this violence should be taken personally, because it is an infringement upon the way of life we all deserve. 

It is my belief that if all of our efforts are focused on taking us back to those days of "it takes a village to raise a child" we can regain control of our village. This my fellow villagers is what Our Village Coalition is all about. 

It is my prayer that the suffering my grandson is going through right now won't be in vain. It is my prayer that all of the families who have lost loved ones to the senseless violence all over the country will see the day this senseless killing STOPS. It is my prayer that that day will come courtesy of and through the efforts of a village that has awakened from a deep sleep. This is 'Our Village' what are you going to do today to take it back?

Alarming statistics

In 2010 more that 700,000 young people ages 10 to 24 were treated in emergency departments for injuries sustained due to violence. 

But responding to violence after it happens is only part of the solution. We must prevent youth violence before it begins. In addition, most youth, even those living in high risk situations, are not violent and more must be learned about the factors that are helping youth, protecting them from engaging in violent behavior so that others can benefit. 

One critical step is a better understanding of the factors that protect youth from engaging in violence and to focus on prevention efforts that enhance protective influences of which our Village plays an important role.