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Black Lives Matter, Oh Really?

Posted by Forest Tyson on September 29, 2015 at 1:20 AM

Good Morning Village!


The commentary on how Black Live’s Matter, All Live’s Matter, and Cop’s Live’s Matter are terms that only a person living under a rock hasn’t heard about in recent years. To be brutally honest with you, I DON’T BELIEVE IT! Pardon my tone and demeanor, but I’m so sick of the rhetoric and propaganda behind BLM. I don’t believe Black lives matter, and the 102 Kansas City families who lost a loved one to homicide in 2010 don’t believe it either. And, I’m almost certain, and I would bet my last dollar that the 45 families of the unsolved murders in that year don’t believe either!

So, what do you think the families of the 111 people murdered in 2011 and the 26 families of peoples murder that are still unsolved today, think about this whole BLM movement? Oh, then there are the 106 Kansas City families in 2012 for which 33 murders remain unsolved, including the murder of my own cousin Krystal Robinson, who was killed the night of September 29, 2012, you think they believe? How about the 100 Kansas City families in 2013 and of them 37 families who still wait for justice to knock on their doors? 51 families in 2014, 22 still unsolved; 72 families so far this year, and 21 families still don’t know who took the life of their loved one, just how do you think they feel about black lives’ mattering?

Here’s the thing, if you were doing the math, there have been 526 murders in the past 5 years here in Kansas City and 184, that’s, One Hundred Eighty Four of them are still unsolved. So, if Black lives’ really matter what does one say to these 526 families? It’s definitely not Black Lives Matter, because in fact, if Black lives did matter as the movement suggests then a great-grandfather, his wife and grandchildren and great-grandchildren wouldn’t have to have dodged bullets as they did a few days ago, simply because some idiots don’t know how to deal with conflict properly, and without there being a homicide. If Black lives truly mattered then Asaan Williams, who was killed in a park full of young people life would have mattered too, but no, the coward(s) that took his life are still at large. I say coward or cowards simply because we don’t know who was involved, and those that know something about his murder and aren’t saying anything in my opinion are complicit.

For Black lives to really matter for me, we have to solve these unsolved murders and these murderers should be behind bars not free to possibly kill again. If Black lives truly matter we wouldn’t have so many homicides. So, as a God Fearing man, I’ll believe Black lives matter, when I see it within the community.


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