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Intentional Ignorance!

Posted by Forest Tyson on August 25, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Noam Chomsky, American author, political commentator and social justice activist coined the term "intentional ignorance" which is basically the denial of atrocities and history of oppression of America's dominant culture. Today the attitude of many in white Americans is... so what we condoned the genocide of this countries indigenous people... so what we institutionalize the most cruel form of slavery known to man and for which dehumanizing people of color was its core principle. "Benevolent invaders were we" is the claim of the dominant culture here in America but in actuality, murderous thieves has been the reality for indigenous people and people of color! 


For those still in denial regarding  ALL THE ATROCITIES COMMITTED RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA, THEY DID HAPPEN, and from my vantage point these atrocities have been the driving forces and factors behind the crime and violence we see among people of color today. So, the next time you encounter the argument "Why do they do that", if you're really truthful with yourself, your answer will be as a result of "intentional ignorance" and the truth of the matter is, it's all been by design.


So for all of the Limbaugh's, Hannity's, O'Riley's and card carrying tea party members, and so on, my question of the day is; How do you think you would fair if the circumstances were reversed?


This is not an indictment of America, the facts speak for themselves. What this is however is a CALL TO ACTION for citizens of America to WAKE THE F$&k UP!  


My name is Forest Tyson, Jr. And I approve this message!!!

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