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My opinion is, you're not entitled to your own opinion!

Posted by Forest Tyson on July 18, 2015 at 2:50 PM

Good Afternoon Village!

An interesting topic came up as a result of a post I made on Facebook regarding a couple of NeoNazi's that I nominated as the very 1st recepients of my new S.K.U.S. Award. SKUS is an acronym for "some kind uh stupid" and will befall on those among us that just don't have a CLUE.

The statement as a result of my post that was given by a friend who thinks pretty much as I do about things, was that these two particular dudes have a right to their opinion and in my opinion you're not entitled to your own opinion, so I took exception to it. Well maybe exception is too harsh a word, I just don't agree!

Granted its a given we all have our opinions on every issue and topic that may be presneted to us, but opinion in my opinion is quit different than a preferred taste or liking for something which is where the similarities on the definition get blurred.

I'm of the opinion that you are only entilted to your opinion if and only if you can form a basic argument for that opinion. In short, an opinion must be "vetted" and "scrutinized" and based in truth, not half-truth's as fanactics who boast of their 1st Amendment Rights as the wind blows.

So an opinion in my opinion is invalid if there is no proof to substantiate it. A person shouldn't be allowed therefore not entitled to their opinion if their assumptions are completely stupid. It shouldn't matter if they are so vehemently convinced of something, if common sense doesn't enter the equation, then its just plain stupid.

As adults we are supposed to be able to differentiate between fact and fiction and while these two idiots have a right to voice their opinion, it can only be entertained by grown folk if they have facts to support their argument or position, and these two and I’m afraid millions more like them wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped them in the freaking face.

The problem with the whole “I’m entitled to my own opinion” is that most times it is used to harbor beliefs that when scrutinized they tend to fall apart and couldn’t possibly be taken seriously by a grown and rationally thinking person. I can say or think what I like, but at the end of the day, that is not what makes it appropriate, trustworthy or valid.

Being entitled to one’s own opinion should only be taken seriously, validated or even entertained if that opinion has a foundation in fact not fiction. Simply because one believes in an opinion DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT. So for entertainment purposes, these two idiots are entitled to have an opinion, but I’m just letting them know that it is STUPID! 

My opinion is, you're not entitled to your own opinion! Prove that sh*t! (pardon my French).


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