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Ongoing debate about confederate flag...

Posted by Forest Tyson on July 12, 2015 at 12:45 PM

The ongoing debate of what this flag represents has gone beyond ridiculous! For the record as an American this flag and any other flag flown by the confederacy are the symbols of TREASON. News flash, the south lost its attempt for the continuation of slavery and therefore don't have the right to pledge allegiance to any other flag but the "Star Spangled Banner".

Let me make this simple to all those people that seem to still be S.O.S. (Stuck On Stupid). This nation is supposed to be the United States of America (although I truly believe it should more appropriately be renamed the United States of Hypocrisy) which DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT allow the confederate states who lost the freaking war to exclude themselves from this so called union. And another thing we are far from the United States of anything.

So if The United States of Hypocrisy doesn't float your boat, what about the Contiguous States of America, CSA for short, and the southern states can believe it stands for the Confederate States of America, there's some symbolism I think we all can deal with.

There it is problem solved, the south has their victory and we all can move on and try addressing the hundreds of other societal problems and issues we have as a country!

P.S. Irregardless of any belief of whether this flag or any flag of the confederacy is simply a symbol of heritage, it's a symbol of TREASON. Any display of any form of flag prior to the UNION should be banned completely (except those states that fought on the union side, after-all that side did win the war). Here's another News Flash... THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA LOST THE CIVIL WAR! As painful as that is for the south to hear it might be for the good of the country to accept this widely know fact!

Dropping the proverbial Mic!


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