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The Confederate Flag vs the Alabama Rebel Flag

Posted by Forest Tyson on June 28, 2015 at 3:35 PM

I couldn’t sleep again because my mind is trying to make sense of all of the silliness surrounding the confederate flag in South Carolina. Honestly, this whole debate is further proof for me that far too many of us REALLY DON’T HAVE A CLUE. Seriously, there has got to be a push for RE-EDUCATION in America because too many so called adults must have skipped history class during their entire time in high school.

This whole controversy with regard to the confederate flag and what it symbolizes is just ridiculous to me, and its further proof to me that divisive issues in this country are what make for constant headlines and coverage.

Here’s the deal, for those who skipped history class and probably haven’t read a book since (including the Bible) heres a little something to put this in that pipe and smoke it (and remember to puff, puff, pass).

And now for the history lesson:

First off the flag at the center of controversy (pictured upper left) is NOT the official flag of the Confederate States of America. The original flag (pictured upper right) similar to our current national flag and at the time the Union flag as well has a circle of seven stars representing the seven states making up the confederacy. The circle of seven stars on a background of blue was placed in the upper left corner (just like our current national flag), and it only had three stripes, one white in the middle of two red.

During the Civil War a strange thing happened on the way to the battlegrounds of cousins killing cousins, and that is the Confederate States flag could easily be mistaken for the Union flag. Because of their similarities from a distance soldiers couldn’t tell one from the other even though the Union flag had 35 stars representing the Union States with 13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies. In any event on the battlefield it was almost impossible to distinguish the difference between the two, so the Confederates States being as special as they were (humor) made a change.

The blue St. Andrew’s cross on the red background at the center of controversy is only a portion of the redesigned and official flag of the confederacy.The redesigned Confederate flag was largely white that included the blue St. Andrew cross in the upper left hand corner and a single vertical red strip on one end (bottom picture).

This trip down history lane is just the basis for the real argument in my opinion. What I’m really concerned about is that so many decent people who probably have no malice whatsoever don’t really know that the stripped down version of the Confederate flag currently on display is NOT the flag of their heritage! More importantly is symbolism seems to be more important than the ideology and belief behind that symbolism.

To set the record straight the flag that has flown over the Capitol of South Carolina and other southern states for decades is not the flag for which anyone should base their so called heritage upon, unless of course you are a member of the KKK. It was the KKK, South Carolina politician Strom Thurmond along with their separatist views that brought this particular flag to prominence.

Enough about flags, again, what I’m most concerned about is the ideology behind the symbolism. As an American that happens to be black, I despise the ideology for which either of these flags flew. I despise the Confederate States of America and damn the flag they flew and their fight for the continuation of slavery fought under the guise of State’s Rights. I also despise the KKK and all every white supremacy group for their separatist and superiority beliefs, so damn the flag they’ve flown as well.

Here’s the thing, I’m not too proud of the flag we currently hold so near and dear as the symbol of these United States of America, especially when in actuality, I believe a more appropriate name would be these United States of Hypocrisy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud American and as patriotic as the next man, what I don’t understand, what I can’t wrap my head around or comprehend is the amount of time and attention being placed on a freaking flag that ain’t killed nobody, not one soul. It’s the ideology and hatred behind this particular flag that I feel is responsible for the murders of nine beautiful Christian people last week, and its being ignored. No one is talking about the level of hate and divisiveness that has been festering and growing within this country since President Obama was elected. The hate that is broadcasted throughout the airwaves and cablecasts is the hateful rhetoric and propaganda that idiots like this fool navigate toward. So take a bow Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Republicans, and oh yes, the Tea Party, you are all complicit. Your evil and hateful rhetoric and propaganda is as responsible for these murders as the warped and twisted individual that pulled the trigger.

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