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We've all got em!

Posted by Forest Tyson on July 31, 2014 at 4:50 PM

We've all got em!

Let's face it Village, there is at least one in every family and unfortunately sometimes its the entire family. I'm speaking of in the most polite and politically correct way as possible. What is it? Well it's an idiot! An idiot is a person who doesn't care how anyone around them feels. An idiot is a person that doesn't think of another person or persons in any capacity. Yes, an idiot is a person who would make a conscious decision to fight someone at a peaceful stop the violence rally. Yes, those idiots are someones family. 

We are seriously in need of a mandatory re-education in our society and world. Violence at any level is shameful and it only takes a few to ruin what a few thousands came to enjoy. The scuffle that broke out on Aug 29th at the "Your Life Matters" Rally is something that is unacceptable, but for some reason we seem to accept it. 

The reason why this behavior seems to be so prevelant is because good people run instead of standing to squash volitle situations. Stop running and giving idiots a platform, break that shit up and go and have a nice night. IJS.

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