Our Village

 "I am because we are" -  ubuntu


Our Village TV

Our Village TV was created for one purpose and one purpose alone: to combat the negative images that bombard us every day via print media, and the broadcast media airwaves. Our mission is to uplift the village with pertinent information that promotes engagement, involvement and investment, not divestment withing our village at-large. 

Our main purpose is to spark an interest within our village to which involvement and engagement leads to POSITIVISM, and more importantly ACTION within our village that leads to collaboration, coalition and collectivism. 

No topic or issue is off limits, if you want to talk about it, lets talk, but keep in mind talk is cheap. What this endeavor is primarily about is the identification of SOLUTION and with that in hand, ENACT courses of ACTION to EXACT a POSITIVE OUTCOME for our village. 

We've been misinformed for too long, we've been mis-educated and manipulated by a mass media structure that has ulterior motives. We want unbiased truth that the masses can truly believe in and allow you to discern from that! 

In addition, this is your opportunity to contribute to the narrative not just be a spectator in this game we call life! If you want to say it, if you want to express it, OVTV is the vehicle for you, so I encourage every to become a contributor today and help us in our Re-education efforts. You can help wake a sleeping village with your involvement and engagement to restore P.R.I.D.E (prosperity requires involvement dedication and engagement) within our village!

The narrative must change, at that change begins with us!

Thank you so much for your consideration and hope to hear from you soon!  

Forest E. Tyson, Jr.