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As a society, as a community, as a Village we've literally fallen asleep at the wheel. My generation (those born in the mid to late 1950's to the early 1960's) have handed our children a world worse off than the world given us by our parents. So, anyone over the age of 40 truly owes the current generation a sincere apology for the mess we've made. I pray we will be forgiven for the terrible job we've done at building a society that our young​ people can reasonably expect to simply just, Live!


Our mission is simple, its to take a proactive stance with regard to our societal ills, and the violence associated with crime, rather than a reactionary one. To do so is to follow the biblical doctrine that begs the question "am I my brothers' keeper", and to this question we must answer with an EMPHATIC, YES!

Taking ownership of our problems with regard to crime and violence within our village is the first step toward resolutions. Replacing, me with WE, mines with OURS in life's equation is the basic philosophy behind "I am my brother's keeper", and we MUST return to that! 

The ultimate goal all of us should seek is to replace the philosophy of "I got mines, you go get yours" with "I got mines, NOW LET'S GO GET YOURS". We've all heard it, "there's nothing I can do about it", but I beg to differ. There is a lot we can do, individually, and collectively, and the first thing is by simply getting involved. We MUST take ownership for the conditions we find our Village in today! We ARE the missing link! So, don't shake your head in disbelief, get out, reach out, and contribute yourself to making change reality for our village! 

Gun Violence

Gun violence in the United States, especially in the urban core across this nation is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24. Violent criminals have been allowed to wreak havoc and terror because Our Village is NOT working together to STOP them. We are literally committing SELF-GENOCIDE!

The senseless killing is due in part to a village that has turned a blind eye to the problem. Far to many of us have buried our heads in the sand hoping and praying that our problems simply go away. My question to you at this moment is how's that been working for you? 

Ubuntu "I am, because we are"

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