Our Village

 "I am because we are" -  ubuntu

As a society, as a community, as a village we've literally fallen asleep at the wheel. My generation, those born in the mid to late 1950's, to the early 1960's have handed our children a world worse off than the world given to us by our parents. So anyone over the age of 40 owes this current generation its sincerest apology for the mess we've made. My prayer is that we will be forgiven for the terribly poor job we've done at providing a society where our young people can reasonably expect to grow old...  

Forest E. Tyson, Jr.

Our Village Coalition

Our Village Coalition was established for the purpose of bridging the enormous gap in communication between many community organizations within our village. These groups are tirelessly working for the betterment, not the detriment of our entire village at-large, and often don't collectively use their resources 

Simply put the purpose of this coalition is not to re-invent the wheel or create a better mousetrap with regard to community engagement. That's not and never will it be a part of or a goal of this organization. 

You see our society and particularly our village doesn't suffer from a lack of Leadership. We suffer from a lack of ORGANIZATION and COLLABORATION! We have countless groups that truly have the best interest of the village at heart. However, our splintered efforts, our individual mindset is why we don't see the results we all want for our village!

It is my sincere belief that the current condition of our village can be changed simply by looking in the mirror. Simply put, good, descent, honest and law abiding villagers of every walk of life in my opinion are just as responsible for the problems we face. Why? Because we've deferred our responsibilities to someone, we've given up the decision making with regard to our welfare to others, and for this we owe our children the deepest apology that we can possibly muster. And that apology should go something like this:

Please forgive me for allowing our village to become this place of indifference and divisiveness. Please forgive me for NOT providing you the necessary tools to grow and prosper. Please forgive me for thinking of myself instead of the future I owe you as your parent. Please forgive me for an educational, financial, judicial and spiritual institution that have hindered your growth, and ill prepared you for a life as a productive member of our village. Please forgive me for turning a blind eye to the violence that has taken so many of your young lives. Please forgive me for not instilling in you the Fear of God!

Please forgive me my sons and daughters, please forgive me!

Our Village Coalition Mission

Our mission is to take a proactive stance with regard to crime, and the violence associated with that crime, rather than a reactionary one. And the way to do so is to follow the biblical doctrine that begs the question of "am my brother's keeper". To this question we must answer. YES!

Taking ownership of the crime and violence within our village is the first step. Replacing me with we, mines with ours in life's equation is the basic philosophy behind  "I am my brother's keeper". 

"Put down the guns, and pick up your sons" Sign Up

"Somewhere in America" by Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin and Zariya Allen. 

Gun Violence

Gun violence in the United States, especially in the urban core is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24. 

Youth gangs are responsible for much of the violence. In our schools and neighborhoods where gangs are active, gangs create a climate of fear, and increase the amount of violence and criminal behavior. Violent criminals have been allowed to gain strength because of a village not working together to STOP them. 

The senseless killing among us is due in part to a village that has turned a blind's eye to the problem. Most of us have buried our heads in the sand hoping and praying that it simply goes away. My question to you at this moment in time is: how's that working out for you? 

It takes a Village!

The village that I grew up in during the mid 1960's to late 1970's was a village that worked together to raise my generation. The village at-large played a key role in my entire upbringing. Back then parents, teachers, neighbors and elected officials all worked in unison.  

You see back then our village provided my generation a safe world in which to grow and learn. Back then when a grown up spoke you listened. Back then children straightened up when a grown up entered the room. Back then when a grown up asked you to do something there wasn't any kind of debate on the matter. Oh my, how things changed!

The village that I grew up in, its philosophy, its rules and regulations has allowed me to see a half century of life. What's sad is that I can't guarantee the same to my own children or grandchildren because the village I'm speaking of has been asleep for an entire generation.